This assignment was found on the ds106 website. The description was simple, make a poster for an upcoming event, therefor, I chose the home opener for K-State football. I spent multiple hours in Photoshop tweaking the images you see in the design above and below.


This assignment was rated 4 out of 5 stars, which seems about right. It’s not hard work, but it is very time consuming. Modifying all of the images in Photoshop was a very long and drawn out activity, but I believe it was worth it in the end. One of the hardest parts of the assignment is the layout of the poster. Deciding where I wanted to place certain images, like the player and coach, got complicated.

Deciding the background wasn’t too hard. I knew I wanted the recently renovated Bill Snyder Family Stadium with a purple overlay along the notorious “powercat” logo. I knew that I would need a large heading logo for opening day, so I grabbed an opening day image from the internet and took it in a completely different direction. The hardest part was lining the players up with Bill Snyder. One image was actually missing part of the head, which is the reasoning for the white line. I grew to like the line after I put Coach Snyder in the spotlight.