This assignment was a fun one. It is a visual assignment on the ds106 website. The directions are to mesh some animals together. The first image and body of this animal is a fish. I’m not sure what form of fish though. The other animals I incorporated into this image are a water buffalo, koala, rhino and human. If you study this image you should be able to point out which parts came from which animal.


The horns on the top are from a water buffalo, while the eyes are from a koala. The nose horn is from a rhino, and the mouth is from a human. This is easily one of the ugliest animal consolidations I have made. If I were to see this thing swimming around in the ocean I would be horrified. This thing is just one ugly animal, but how did I manage to make such an ugly animal?

I started with the image of the fish. I left that image alone so I had a nice ocean background. Next up was the water buffalo. I used the quick selection tool to copy and paste the horns. After that I just erased all of the background around the edges and blurred it into the fish. Next up was the eyes. I followed the same process for each body part. As I said before, the eyes were from a koala and the horn was from a rhino,, while the mouth is a humans.