This was my final assignment for the week. It was worth three and a half stars, which got me to a total of eight stars. The instructions were very simple, use five circles, four lines, and only one curved line to create an image. This assignment really worked with my imagination. There were an endless amount of possibilities, but I tend to struggle when it comes to limitations. I spent a few minutes thinking of what I could do with such a low number of lines. My first idea was an octopus. I would use circles as the body and eyes, and I would cheat the system and make the lines extra long so it appeared as though there were eight lines. Instead of the octopus I decided to make a killer whale. The colors were simple to work with and I had just enough shapes to create this animal. Naturally, when I can only use a small number of shapes the animal wasn’t very high on the quality scale, but that’s the point to this assignment.orca

As you can see, I highlighted the lines with a thicker stroke so they are easier to find. Unfortunately, I was unable to give my Orca a mouth because I ran our of shapes. I couldn’t put a lot of detail into any part of this project, which can get quite aggravating when you realize a piece of work like this looks like something a four year old would draw. Overall I think this assignment went well. I went outside my comfort zone of posters with real people and gave myself limitations.