This week was another productive one. It was based on visual assignment and photography. I was able to check out a new camera and learn quite a bit about picture taking in just a few days. One thing I knew going into the week was that focusing in photography is a huge deal. What I didn’t realize is that it can be hard at times to get the camera to the correct settings to get the picture how you want. A few pictures are shown below.Untitled-3 The top two were taken right outside of my house in a bush. There was a spider web and the rain had collecting upon that web. The image on the left was the picture I took with the camera. It took me forever to get the focus correct before taking the picture. The one on the right was taken the next day. The web is more noticeable, but the focus might be better. The dog picture was taken after the first bush picture. I took it in my living room that didn’t have much light. Thankfully the dog cooperates very well when it comes to pictures.

Creating a New Animal

My first assignment of the week was taking images of animals and manipulating them in Photoshop. This assignment was worth three stars and was a pretty fun assignment. I took five different animals (fish, water buffalo, rhino, koala, and human) and threw them all into one. I used this assignment as my photo manipulation assignment for the week because involved a ton of Photoshop work. I spent a while getting the images that fit together nicely to prevent having to change size and proportions of each animal part. The only thing I regret not doing to this image is making all of it the same texture and color of the fish’s body. fish

Altering A Cartoon

Next up was a pretty easy assignment. All I had to do was find a cartoon character and edit the colors in Photoshop. The assignment was worth a star and a half. I chose Winnie the Pooh for some odd reason, but I had some fun with it. I turned the lively gold and red colorway into a very dark charcoal and black. I pretty much made a creepy Winnie the Pooh by giving him red eyes and the black and charcoal colorway. I made this assignment much harder than it needed to be when making the cover image and a few small things. What could have taken me only five to ten minutes ended up taking me about forty. Here’s an image of the dark Winnie the Pooh.darkpooh

Limited Shapes

After the cartoon assignment I only needed three and a half more stars for the week. I got all of them at once with my final assignment. This assignment was simple but hard. I was given a limitation on how many shapes I could use. These limitation were five circles, four lines and one curved line. I tend to struggle when limitations are put on an assignment, but I wanted to do something outside of my comfort zone. Although the limitations forced my image to look like a five-year -old’s drawing I didn’t care. I knew it was going to look simple when I started. I decided to create a killer whale with the shapes. It took me a while to think of how I was going to create an animal with limited materials. The part that bothered me the most with this assignment was the tail on the Orca. It’s very squared off and sharp, but with my limitations I wasn’t able to fix it.orca

Last but not least we have the daily creates. I was able to get two of them done this week. The first was on dot day. I used an image of white polka dots on a black background with a huge white dot in the middle for the first one. It only took me a few minutes to finish it. The other daily create was think of what the call app on a smartphone was. I responded with the most unused application in America. Overall this week was very productive and busy. I was able to get everything done at pretty reasonable times. None of the assignments for the week made me work for more than a couple of hours.