Audio plays a huge roll in our daily life. We may no notice it, but trust me, it does. Think of watching a movie without the background music. Think of watching any Star Wars movie ever and not having any sound effects. Without the sound effects and music the whole vibe of the movie is changed. Audio plays a huge role in our everyday life and here’s why.


Radio adds are all over. No matter what we do we can’t get away from them. Although radio seems outdated, it actually plays a huge roll in advertisement. Try to think of a commercial where there wasn’t any of that cheesy music playing in the background. Without that music the add would be that much more boring. Once again, if you were to take the sound effects out then it would bore someone to death. As I said before, radio may seem old fashion but there are still millions of people who use it daily. This means there are millions of people hearing these advertisements every day. If the adds didn’t have all that cheesy music and their sound effects it probably would have died out a long time ago.

Sound Effects

Almost everything we here these days has some sound effect. These sound effects can really help listeners in tremendous ways. Sound effects help paint a picture in a person’s head. Just recently there was an add on the radio that was for the radio. The add starts with a man talking in a very dramatic voice with jungle noises in the background. Then you hear a tiger roar. The man then goes into advertising radio and how it reaches more people than any other media. He informs people that they don’t need a picture for people to see if they can paint that same picture in the minds of listeners with sound effects. He then finishes with “but I don’t need to tell you that, because you were just with me hunting a tiger.”