This assignment ended up being pretty easy for me. I was just roaming around audacity and stumbled upon the effects for this assignment. All I had to do was change the vocal pitch to be lower than the original song. Naturally I chose He Man and the most annoying song ever. It’s not quite as annoying when he is singing at a lower pitch. This assignment was worth four and a half stars, which put me at a total of eight stars for the week. I feel as though I am getting more comfortable with some of the audio software after I just play around with it for a while. I’ve only worked with audio a couple of times in the past few years so I’m trying to get used to it again. If you are interested in hearing the not-so-annoying He Man you can click here.

The way I did this was simple. I went onto youtube and found the song. Once I found the song I converted it into an mp3 file and saved it to the desktop. I opened audacity and threw the mp3 file in there. Once the file was ready I separated the vocals from the instrumental and put the pitch of the vocals lower. Overall I think it turned out pretty well for being an accident.