This assignment was a fun one. The assignment is worth three and a half stars, which puts me at eleven and a half stars. The idea is simple, use sound effects to tell a story. I may have bent the rules a little bit by having a sound effect of a woman crying for help, but I had to use it to complete my image. The story I tell can be found here. I used the internet to find my sounds and then jumped on Adobe Audition to tell the story. Here’s a little bit of a brake down on what is going on in the story.

You have received a new voicemail. You naturally decide that you need to listen to what it is because, well, who know’s. Sometimes these things might be important, and little did you know you were about to get the most important voicemail of your life. It jumps right into action with a woman crying for help. You can hear a man in the background yelling at her if you listen closely. The woman cries and yells for someone to help her. Then a door opens and closes in the background, but the woman doesn’t seem to hear it. Then the sound of a gun being cocked can be heard as the woman still yells. The woman goes for one last yell but she is cut off by the sound of a gun. The voicemail ends there. The phone then asks if you would like to replay the message.

I actually really enjoyed doing this assignment. The story being told by the sound effects might be a little bit dark and could easily be used in a lifetime movie, but I enjoy dramatic movie with twists and surprises. This sound effect story took me a while to complete because I didn’t want to just be as good as my last sound effect story. I wanted this one to grab the listeners attention and be different from what I normally do. My original idea was to make a story of a man trying to call his friend who doesn’t answer. The man would then throw his phone across the room or out of a window. In the middle of hunting for those sound effects for my original idea I thought of the help voicemail. I instantly jumped ship and went to the help voicemail. Overall I really enjoyed creating this story, and I was happy that this was my last assignment for the week.