This week was another busy one. We focused on audio, which is probably the thing I needed the most work on. We had more stars assigned this week which kept us even busier, but in the long run I got it all done. I wrote a blog post that explains the significance of audio in the world today. My post only scratches the surface of what audio does for us. Here’s a recap for the week.


This was my first assignment for the week. The guidelines were very simple and easy to follow. Just take a song and remove the words. This actually ended up being very easy in the end, but I was struggling towards the beginning. As I said before, I am not very experienced in audio. I jumped onto Youtube and found the song I was wanting. I played around with it in Audacity for a while trying to remove the vocals. I found out that removing the vocals is much easier than I had thought. This assignment was worth three and a half stars and was a good start to the week.

Lower Pitch

This assignment was also very simple to follow. The instructions are to take a song of my choice and make the vocals lower than the original song. Of course, I chose He Man because I was curious about how the song would sound with a slightly lower pitch. Surprisingly I found the song less annoying once I adjusted the vocals. This assignment didn’t take me nearly as long as the instrumental assignment. The reasoning for that was that I stumbled upon a few buttons in Audacity that allowed me to complete the assignment. This assignment was worth four and a half stars. This put me at eight stars for the week.

Sound Effects Story

About half a year ago we did an assignment very similar to this. All I had to do was tell a short story with sound effects. Since I had already done a similar project I knew I needed to one up my first attempt. I jumped onto the internet and looked through some sound effects for quite some time. I jumped from idea to idea trying to find a story worth telling. Then I finally realized what story I wanted to tell. I decided to make a story that throws you into the mix. You have a new voicemail, and on that voicemail is a very surprising message. I really enjoyed making this story because it is very similar to the books I enjoy to read. This assignment was worth another three and a half stars, which put me at eleven and a half for the week.

Daily Creates

I was able to get a couple of daily creates done this week. One was an art drop, which is where you draw a picture and place it anywhere and hope someone finds it. My artistic skills aren’t the best but I think my unicorn is unbeatable (sarcasm). It was found shortly after I places it here on campus at K-State Poly.20160922_122321

The other daily create I was able to do was the “what’s behind the door?” create. All I had to do was write a short answer of what was behind the door on twitter. Of course, me being me I wrote “another room” and sent it out to the social media world.

Overall this week went pretty well. I didn’t have any set backs and became much more comfortable with some audio software. At the beginning of the week I thought it was close to impossible to complete this week, but thanks to the audio assignment usually having a higher star rating it ended up evening out.