I found this assignment on the ds106 website. The instructions were simple, create a simple logo for something. I could make a random logo for something fake, but I decided to upgrade the logo I had for my J.T. Blog & Design pages. The logo is shown above and is much better than the original logo. The comparison is shown below. Untitled-1

This assignment was worth three and a half star, which is a good start for the week. I worked hard on this assignment testing different fonts and adjusting them. In the end I decided to go with a simple font and merge the letters together. Both logos were made on Adobe Illustrator, but the first design was using only the paint brush tool. The color scheme has changed to match this website. The two logos look completely different, which I believe is a good thing. The original logo looks cheap and quick, and that’s exactly what it was. The main thing that pops out to me with the new logo are the circles. These circles make a panda logo. I decided not to put the rest of the panda face onto the logo because I like the look with the letters more. Overall this logo overall was a success in my eyes.