This assignment was a fun one for me. The assignment was easy to follow, but was very time consuming. All I had to do was make a trading card for a movie, and the movie I chose was Mad Max Fury Road. This assignment was worth four and a half stars, which puts me at eight stars for the week. I worked a lot with Photoshop in this assignment to get things the way I want them. The instructions for this assignment were simple, go online and find an image of a movie. Once you have the image you were wanting place it onto a trading card. The images I found were perfect for what I was wanting to accomplish. The main image of the man jumping with the spear has very little work done to it. It is the image for the frame that had a lot of work done to it. Here is the finished product.madmax

In order for me to accomplish this I had to play around with Photoshop for a while. I tried one other background that I had photoshoped, but it looked horrible. It was a black background with smoke that I had used Photoshop on to make the smoke blue. I hated the look and instantly trashed it and went on the hunt for anything fire related. The reasoning for the fire was the whole Mad Max theme. If you haven’t seen this movie you should. There are explosions and fire everywhere. Instead of using an image of actual flames I took an image of fire salts. This is the before and after images.Untitled-1

The main effect that was used on the image was the oil pain tool. It basically takes the image and turns it into that swirly painting. After I used that tool it was just minor adjustments with the colors so the image was exactly how I wanted. Overall I think it came out great.