This assignment was a pretty easy one. The instructions are to take any song you want and make a symbol for it. I chose the song STFU by Blackbear for my assignment. This assignment was worth two stars, which puts me at ten for the week. As I said before the assignment was very easy and only took me a few minutes to put together. Here is the finished product.


I knew from the start I just wanted to photoshop duct tape onto a face. My original idea was going to be someone yelling, but none of the images were good for what I was wanting to do. So instead of using an actual person I decided to use a frowning face. I chose a frowning face because the eyes tend to be a little bit different than a smiley face. I then searched for duct tape strips and found the perfect image. The only thing wrong with the image was the size. I had to enlarge the duct tape piece a little bit in order to get the image how I wanted.