This week was a busy one once again. We were assigned ten stars worth of design assignments. I was able to get all ten stars with three assignments. We were told to look for some elements of design in the real world. We had to go out and find good uses of color or spacing, you know, the typical things that make a design either good or bad. We had to find five good uses and two bad uses. I live in a small town so it can be struggle finding some things, but luckily I remembered art is everywhere when you think about it. This image can also be found on my flickr page.


Creating a Trading Card

This assignment was the largest one for the week. It was worth four and a half stars and I was able to get it done after a few hours of work. The instructions were to make a trading card for a movie of my choice. I chose Mad Max Fury Road as the movie because I knew there was some potential there. The main thing I used for this assignment was Photoshop. I used it primarily for the borders around the image. I wanted to make sure everything looked the way I wanted it to look. I used the oil pain tool to get the fire salt image to appear the right way, and then I messed with the colors for a while until they were where I wanted them. Here is the finished product.


New Logo

This assignment took me a while because I wanted to make sure I got it right. The instructions for this assignment were simple. Create a logo for anything I wanted, and what I wanted a logo for was this website. I started off by just browsing the web and then I looked for panda logos. I then jumped onto Adobe Illustrator and started making a panda like logo. Once I was done with the main circle part of the logo I knew I wanted the J.T. in the middle. I messed around with different fonts, and after a while I chose the one that appealed to me the most. I then merged the letters together and accidentally made the PI symbol. This assignment was worth three and a half stars and put me at a total of eight stars for the week.


Name That Single

This assignment was the easiest one for the week. All I had to do was take any song I wanted and symbolize it in anyway I want. I chose a Blackbear song called STFU. I’m not going to go any farther than that abbreviation. I have always really liked this song, and I’ve been wanting to make an image like this for some time. All I did was go onto the internet and find a frowning face and a strip of duct tape. I then placed the duct tape over the mouth of the face and put a background behind it all. This assignment was worth two stars, which got me to the goal of ten stars for the week.


Daily Creates

I was able to complete three daily creates for this week. The first daily create was a book I couldn’t get rid of. I chose Shane Dawson’s “I Hate My Selfie” because it is the only book I have ever bought. I have also really enjoyed the book so far and don’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. The next daily create was decided what Chris was mailing someone. I chose Chris Tucker because I haven’t hear about him doing anything since Rush Hour 3. The final daily create was to make a mashup of music and it says what you type. I chose the famous “To be or not to be?” line from Hamlet. Overall this week has been very productive, and I have become much more comfortable with Photoshop.