This assignment was a fun one for me. The instructions were easy, make a theme song for yourself. I chose to use one of my favorite beats, which is from the song Colours by Skizzy Mars. I jumped onto Adobe Audacity and I remade the beat and chorus by finding them on the internet and then meshing them together the way they appeared on the original song. So I pretty much made and instrumental with only words from the chorus and background. Once I had accidentally remade the entire song it was time to crunch it down into a more reasonable time frame. I took the song that was originally over three minutes and made it around fifty seconds. The problem with doing this was finding which pieces I wanted to use within the fifty seconds. I tried my best to make sure the beat doesn’t suddenly change when it switches between the two chunks of music. It has a slight hiccup, but it’s much better than when I had started. This assignment was worth four and a half stars and got me started for the week. Here is a way to listen to the theme song.