This assignment was one that needed to be done for our class. I decided to work together with one of my classmates to create this radio bumper. We knew about the hey owl from youtube and we knew we were wanting that incorporated into the mix. We also knew we had to have some way of showing it was for ds106 Radio. So she turned the owl video into an mp3 and I jumped onto the internet to find a text to voice application. We messed around the different voices and finally decided to choose the most common voice. We played around with the pitches and speeds of the voice but I didn’t want people to not be able to understand what was being said. Here is our finished bumper.

The reason we were needing to make this radio bumper was for our radio show. We needed a few more stars to finish the week, and this assignment was worth four. This project finished the week for me on assignments and we got a possible radio bumper for our show. We had some fun with this one by using videos that made us laugh and computer voices, but in the end it’s not bad. It turned out pretty well and hopefully we use it sooner or later.