This assignment was pretty easy to accomplish, but it’s all I needed to get to the ten stars for the week. This assignment was worth two stars. The instructions were to remake the We Will Rock You beat with anything I really wanted. I decided I wanted to go with a more computer based sound so I jumped onto a sound effects website and found some base drum sounds. The sounds didn’t have to be edited because they already sounded the way I wanted. After I found the bass drum sound I needed a clap. The clap sound was also more of a computer sound so I didn’t have to mess with that sound effect either. Once I had the sound effects downloaded I opened Adobe Audition and started making a mixdown. The hardest part of this assignment was getting the timing right. Almost everyone knows this song so if my timing was off people would know. I believe I got the timing pretty accurate. All I needed to complete this assignment was two sound effects and a few minutes of free time. Luckily the sound effects didn’t need edited so the process went much faster. Here is the sample I created.