This week was once again very productive. We focused on audio and commenting on social media. I tried to stick primarily to design comments, some involving clothes while others involved a RV. We were assigned ten stars in audio assignments for the week, and thankfully audio assignment are usually worth more. I completed three assignments and commented on numerous posts on Instagram for this week. We also started planning what we will be doing for the radio show this upcoming week.

Theme Song

This assignment was a fun one for me to do. I’ve been wanting to do this assignment for some time now and I just couldn’t quite think of what song I wanted to use. I chose one of my favorite beats for this song called Colours by Skizzy Mars. Although he is not featured in the theme song I made I did use the beats to his version. In order to do this assignment I had to found the instrumental version of this song. Once I had that I needed the chorus and background vocals. I meshed them together to make it sound like the actual song and then I chopped it up. I couldn’t have a theme song that was three minutes long so I cut some pieces out and tried my best to mesh the pieces that were left together. Here is the finished product. This assignment got me started with four and a half stars.

We Will Rock You

This assignment was a pretty easy one to accomplish. All I had to do was recreate the famous We Will Rock You beat by Queen. I didn’t want my version to sound like natural instruments for this though, I preferred a more computer like sound. In order to find these sounds I jumped onto the internet an found some sound effects. The first thing I needed was a bass drum. I found it in no time and was straight to finding the clap. the clap I used was right at the top of the page. I didn’t have to edit any of the sound effects I used. This assignment was worth two stars, which put me at six and a half for the week. This is the finished product.

Radio Bumper

This was the last assignment for the week. It was worth four stars, which put me at ten and a half stars for the week. A classmate and I decided to work together on this assignment because we already had similar ideas. We loved a Youtube video with a man using his voice for an owl. The man just yells hey multiple times. We knew we needed something that shows that it was for ds106 radio so we jumped onto the internet. There are multiple websites that will take text and transform them into speech. We ended up using the stereotypical computer voice after we played around with all of the options first. We worked together, which really helped with time. This was much easier to accomplish with two of us working together.


This week was still busy, mainly due to so much stuff over the weekend. Overall this week ended up being pretty good. I got much more comfortable with audio. I typically don’t use it for the majority of my stuff, but I’ve been wanting to learn more about it. I was also able to work with a classmate and create something we both really enjoy. This week ended up being quite productive.