This week was all about completing our radio show. Leading up to this week we really didn’t have a very good plan for the show. So Tuesday’s class consisted of us throwing out ideas that we think would be easy to do and edit, but not boring to listen to. There were multiple ideas, but only a few stuck with us. We needed a script for our ideas by the following class, which would be Thursday.

Recording the Show

We met in the audio room we have here on campus for class on Thursday. We decided instead of reading off of a script for our segments we would have a podcast instead. This podcast consisted of my classmates and I being asked questions about our generation and how certain things have effected us. We spent quite a while in that room recording our answers to the questions.

Editing the Show

Once we were done with recording each one of us had a piece of the show to edit. My segment was around ten minutes long and took me a little over an hour to finish. It still needs a few touch ups here and there, but overall it wasn’t hard to edit. I only had to bleep out one word and edit the the volume here and there. The final thing I did to this segment was add very simple background music. All I had to do to the music was lower the volume so it didn’t overpower the voices of my classmates. I mainly used Adobe Audition to edit my segment. I only used Audacity to edit the sensor bleep noise that is found about five and a half minutes into the recording.

Daily Creates

We were assigned three daily creates for this week. I did all three and had some fun with them this week. With the first one I actually learned something. In 1901 Roosevelt changed the name of the Executive Mansion to the White House. The second create was joking around with a classmate and how we are constantly doing something stupid in class instead of paying attention. The final daily create was a journey I am on. I put college and all of its payments because well, it can be a journey when you’re trying to not be broke in college.


Commenting was once again a part of the assignment. I wasn’t able to comment on very much this week, but I did get a few in. Once again they were all design based. I commented on a hydro graphics video on Youtube. This was probably my favorite thing for the week. I didn’t know how hydro graphics worked and I wanted to know so I watched a video. I commented on how simple it looks compared to what I thought. Overall this week was productive. We accomplish a lot with our radio show and with audio in general. I also learned some random facts and cool design methods along the way.