This week was a much easier week, which I loved. We didn’t have to do much besides adjust a few things on the radio show and add a few bumpers. This blog post will primarily focus on what went well and not so well on the radio show and multiple other aspects of the experience.

What went well

I feel like the radio show as a whole went pretty well. We didn’t have very many hiccups throughout the process of making and editing the show. My girlfriend and I tuned into ds106 radio and listen to the whole show. We both seemed to enjoy it for the most part. She personally enjoyed much more than I did, but it at least kept me entertained for a while. The thing I liked about listening the the radio show was remembering how funny some of the moments were during the recording. I feel like as a class we had quite a bit of fun sitting around a microphone and just rambling on about our generation.

What didn’t go well

For the most part the radio show sounded fine. We did a pretty good job of cutting out unnecessary chunks of audio. The only thing that really bothered me when listening to the radio show was the noise from where we cut out audio. There were quite a few moments where you could clearly tell that something was cut out because a random noise would pop up out of nowhere. Other than that noise showing up and a few small things there wasn’t much wrong with the radio show from my perspective.

Live Tweeting

For those of you who don’t know what live tweeting is, here is a clue. You jump on twitter and tweet about something you are watching or listening to, but you have to use a special tag so people can see it. We did this for our radio show as a class. We were all over twitter for about 45 minutes just saying random things about our radio show, or another show before ours. We had a lot of fun with the tweeting as well. We would joke around and add some funny hashtag or something along those lines. Overall it was pretty fun to get on twitter and joke around with my classmates about the radio show we created.

Were others listening?

Well I think there were at least a few people listening besides my classmates and girlfriend. It was kind of cool to know that we put together a short show just to say we did. Although it was just a radio show we can always take steps up. I would like to believe that the other people listening to the show enjoyed it. It was pretty entertaining due to how sarcastic our class tends to be. So to all of those out there that listened to it, you better have enjoyed it… or else.

Daily Creates

I was able to get a couple of daily creates done for this week. The most recent one was showing the twitter world a place you would like to visit, even though you might not get the chance. I chose Rio for my destination. I have always wanted to head down to Brasil and stay there for a few weeks and check out the amazon river. The other daily create was describing what I write about. I don’t write too much to be completely honest, but I do write occasionally for school. I just stated that I tend to write for my psychology class. Right now that’s about the only thing I write for.


This week was a pretty easy one. Not much happened and I was able to relax a little bit and have some fun without having to worry about classes. Thankfully I only had homework for one class last week so it made my week much easier knowing I practically had to do nothing all week.