This week was a productive one for me. Thankfully, I was able to reduce my procrastination and get all of my video shot and somewhat close to done before they were due. We were instructed to do six stars worth of video assignments on the ds106 website. I ended up slightly overachieving by doing six and a half. I also got all of the video for the documentary that is due next week. Here is how the week went down.

Play It Backwards

This assignment wasn’t anything special, but it was a fun one. All I had to do was recording anything and play it backwards. I wasn’t completely sure how to play something backwards, but once I remembered I have google I didn’t have a problem. This assignment didn’t take long to complete and was fun to do. There are apps out there like Snapchat that will automatically reverse a clip if you want it to. My friends and I played around with it over the summer while jumping off of a diving board, but I never recorded anything. I decided I wanted to do the slightly more complicated version.



This assignment was also pretty easy. All I had to do was shoot a short clip of downtown Bennington and describe what makes it special. The clip didn’t take me long to shoot at all. Thinking of how I would describe my hometown was a little bit more complicated, but not by much. This assignment didn’t take too long to do, and it was worth three stars. I had a little bit more fun with the cover photo for this assignment.


Daily Creates

We were instructed to do two daily creates for this week. My first daily create was describing a story, while the second was just thinking of a weird candy. I chose bacon candy for my strange candy because it sounds disgusting. I described the story by saying the woman tripped and died. Neither one was hard, but they caused me to be a little bit creative.


We had to watch the Winnebago Man documentary and write and analysis about the film. We watched a few youtube video showing aspects of filming. We had to take what we learned from the videos and apply them to the analysis about the film. I might have went a little overboard and wrote way more than I was supposed to, but oh well.