This week wasn’t too busy because we were only given a few things to do. We had to do a couple of daily creates on the ds106 website, as well as finish our documentary. Thankfully These didn’t take me too long to accomplish due to the fact that I already had my documentary recorded and ready for editing. The man I did my documentary on was Mark Oldham.


Recording this video was done as soon as possible. I got a camera a little bit over a week ago and recorded what I needed the following day. I made sure I had plenty of shots to fill in parts where audio didn’t match up with the video. I used my phone as a microphone and placed it next to Mark in order to get much better audio. Mark and I went over exactly what I needed him to talk about throughout the recording. I knew he liked to talk about his experience in the army, so we stuck to that material. From what I understand, he blew up bridges and transported vehicles. I let Mark kind of freestyle about all of his experiences throughout his army career. This made editing the video very easy for me. The audio was a little tricky, but that is about it.


Once I had everything sorted out I knew how I wanted to edit. The first thing I edited was the mp3 file from my phone app. I jumped onto Audacity and cut out any pause or anytime someone else said anything. This wasn’t too hard because we recently did an audio assignment. The next step was putting everything together. I got everything gathered up on my Adobe Premier page and sorted it out. The hardest part about editing this video was lining up the audio with Mark’s mouth. The way I accomplished this was playing both the audio from the camera, and the audio from my phone. I then matched them up so you can’t even tell the difference. The audio from the phone was much clearer, so I knew I wasn’t going to take the easy way out and use the camera audio. The main thing I did with the editing was placing some of those short clips that I shot into the video where the audio didn’t match. This match was natural because it was condensed down from all of the editing, so there would be a few moments where it wouldn’t match. I would put a short clip into the video for a few moments and go back to Mark for a while. I would then have to match the audio and video up again. I had to go through this process a few times. Another thing I did was making each clip fade in and out. The made the video appear much smoother than having a clip followed by a quick black screen and then another clip. I also found a few images on the internet to place in the video to show what it may have looked like while Mark was doing his job. If you are curious on how this whole documentary ended up, here is the Youtube video.

Daily Creates

We were assigned two daily creates for this week. I did the sidewalk crack and the missing Bigfoot creates. The sidewalk crack was one that I just had to do because I forgot the creates from earlier in the week. I did the Bigfoot create because I thought it would be fun, and also I had to. I thing they both ended up well. Overall this week was a little bit more relaxing, but not in every class.