This was my last assignment for the week. It was also worth four stars, which put me at twelve for the week. The instructions are to mashup all of your favorite teams logos. I chose to do the Kansas City Royals, the New England Patriots (no I’m not a bandwagon fan, I’ve liked them since I was like six), and Kansas State. I messed around with different logos for each team but I really didn’t like any of the things I was making. I finally remembered that the Royals have a crest-like logo that would be very easy to edit. I went and found one of the crest logos and threw it into Photoshop. I only had to take the KC out of the middle of the logo. It only took me a couple of minutes to get this logo to where I needed it. The next logo was the Patriots logo. I had to change the colors of this logo so that so it matched to royals logo. The next thing I did was take the giant star off of the forehead of the patriot logo. I then resized the logo to make sure it fit into the crest nicely. The final logo was the Power Cat logo for Kansas State. I threw it into the Photoshop file and made it blue and resized it. I then put it in the place of the giant star on the head of the Patriots logo. Here is what the mashup looks like.Untitled-2