This week was well managed for the most part. We were instructed to do twelve stars of mashup assignments for this week. I got most of them done before the weekend came, so I didn’t have to rush. We were also instructed to do two daily creates located on the ds106 website. Thankfully, I didn’t procrastinate too much this week, which really helped me in the long run. All of my assignments involved Photoshop. I did this for a reason, mainly because I want to become more comfortable with the application. Here is how the week went.

It Doesn’t Belong

This assignment got me started for the week. It was worth four stars and involved a lot of Photoshop. All I had to do was take an image from a movie and add something that shouldn’t be there. I love the Star Wars films and I knew I wanted to use an image from one of those movies. It only took me a moment to realize what I wanted to do with the image from star wars. My idea was to add the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek just to make people mad. I would get upset if someone didn’t know the difference between the ships. I mean, they look nothing alike. Also, Star Wars is waaayyy better than any Star Trek film. I’m not saying Star Trek is horrible, I’m just saying it’s just, well, not my favorite. I did a little bit of cutting out on the star wars image and some blurring on the Starship Enterprise. I also changed the color because there wouldn’t be much light where they are. To see a little bit more on this assignment click the title above. Here is the finished product.

If you’re having trouble finding the Starship Enterprise look over Leah’s sholder


This assignment was also worth four stars. I did this assignment mainly to learn some more with Photoshop. I wanted to make the project a little bit harder than the instructions said. The original instructions were to take a closeup image and change the background. No offence, but that would take me a minute or two to accomplish with the right image. I found an image on the internet and threw it into Photoshop. I spend some time messing around with it here and there. I decided to make the eyes look like explosions, and then I edited the background to look like metal. The hardest part was definitely the eyes, but thanks to my random clicking of tools it didn’t get too complicated. Here is the finished project.


Logo Mashup

This assignment was the last one for the week. It was also worth four stars, which put me at the twelve star goal. The instruction were simple, mashup your favorite teams logos. I chose the New England Patriots, the Kansas City Royals and of course Kansas State. I had multiple ideas go through my head, but I finally decided on the logo. I decided to use the crest-like logo for the Royals as the base logo. Then I placed the Patriots logo on top of that after editing out the KC on the crest. I then took of the star on the Patriot’s head and replaced it with the Powercat logo used so often here at Kansas State. This assignment didn’t take too long, and it ended up being somewhat fun. There are much better ideas out there, but my project got the job done. Here is what the logos looked like after I was done.


Daily Creates

We were assigned two daily created for this week. I did exactly that. I did the poem create and the Batman create. I didn’t like the poem create very much, but I enjoyed the Batman create. I decided to throw in a little bit of humor and add Harvey Dent into the mix. Overall this week ended up being pretty productive. Hopefully I can keep up this whole not procrastinating thing.