The main objectives of these labs were to become more familiar with Linux, as well as to set up our Raspberry Pi computers. We needed to learn how to program a SD card that would later be used to set up the computer. We needed to learn the basics of the components of everything involved in order to accomplish anything in these labs.

Equipment list

The main equipment that we used was the Raspberry Pi computer. We also ended up needing to grab a keyboard and mouse, as well as a monitor to help set up our computers. We had to program a SD card as well.

Notes, Observations, and Questions

Putting the actual computer together was pretty easy, and not very time consuming. The time consuming part was the programming and the set up time. I was unable to finalize my Raspberry Pi because I ran out of time. The final stage of set up seemed to be taking a while to complete for the other students, so I opted not to finalize the computer because there was only 15 to 20 minutes left in the lab.


Overall, these labs went pretty smoothly. We were able to become more comfortable with Linux and how to prep some basic computers. We were also able to set up a small computer, which is something that I’ve never even tried before. We were able to get accustomed to the process of putting together a computer and how to set it up with an operating system and other necessities.